5 Benefits of Meditation You Should Know |2020|

If you are dealing with a lot of stress then here is a solution. Stress affects our mental health. The easiest and effective solution to stress is meditation. Meditation is the best way to relax our minds.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice where a person approaches the mind to concentrate on a particular thing, thought or activity.

Meditation is mainly used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and increasing peace.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Calms your Nervous System

Nervous System is known as the central control of the body. Meditation is a very useful and effective way to relax our minds. Meditation provides positive vibes to the brain. It soothes the nerves. Nervous System is affected by anxiety, tension, fatigue, and depression.  It is proved that meditation itself can reduce negative effects. Activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Slows down heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and sweating.

Meditation makes the entire nervous system go into a field of coherence”

-Deepak Chopra

  • Uplifts Immune System

The body’s immune system is a remarkable machine designed to protect you. Meditation improves the immune system. It reduces the days of illness. The study claims that it reduces the risk of cancer. The more you meditate the more you will be fit. It has a significant effect on immune cells. boosting levels of lymphocyte subsets.

Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God

– Diana Robinson

  • Helps to Increase Focus Span

Meditation increases your focal point. Improves the time of focus. For eg: While studying a particular subject you need concentration but as time passes your mind gets distracted or loses interest. Meditation lengthens your attention span towards a task. A study has found that practicing meditation is enough to increase attention span.


 ” The goal of Meditation is not to get rid of thoughts or emotions. The goal is to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and learn through them without getting stuck.

-Dr. P. Goldin

  • Reduces Age-Related Memory Loss

Increasing the level of attention and thinking helps the mind to keep fresh and young. Meditation takes your mind to a relaxing point. The brain starts to focus on a particular thing as you meditate. People use many boosters to remember memory and increase its power but it’s of no use. 5 minutes of meditation is all needed. An increase in positive thinking is a result of meditation.

Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass.”

– Owen Feltham

  • Helps to quit addiction

Meditation can help to quit many addictions. It has constructive effects on your mind. The mind is a web of thoughts and addictions. A web where addiction conquers our passion and wastes our time. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to counter these addictions. It allows for avoiding triggers to unwanted habits.

Meditation is always for nourishing and blossoming the divine within you.”

– Amit Rai

 Try meditation and relaxation. If you have any query comment in the comment box.

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